Sonic Reiki saved my Life!

Tom before Holistic Sound Healing Sonic Reiki treatments with liver, kidneys, and pancreas shutting down

Tom’s liver, kidneys, and pancreas shutting down.

Tom healed after Holistic Sound Healing Sonic Reiki treatments

Tom six months later after a few Sonic Reiki sessions

Tom’s liver, kidneys, and pancreas were shutting down.  Within six-month time, Tom went from looking like the picture on the left to looking like the picture on the right.  He accomplished this by cleansing his system, changing his diet, and using sound therapy.

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What is Sonic Reiki? 

Sonic Reiki is a holistic healing modality that uses Reiki, sound, and intent, as the source for healing. Sonic Reiki works well with all alternative healing approaches as well with allopathic medicine.

Look around you. What do you see? Are you aware that everything you are looking at is vibrating? Including yourself! This means disease patterns such as cancer, diabetes, circulation issues, chronic fatigue, depression, anger, PTSD issues all have vibration. They are just vibrating out of tune. When you can understand this concept that everything has vibration, frequency, rhythm, and resonance the nature of the universe is revealed to you. Read more

Sonic Reiki uses a Holistic Approach to Healing

Sonic Reiki offers:

Sonic Reiki Practitioners Speaks to White Blood Cells

There are years of science – based research available on the subject of sound healing. It is really fascinating how Russian Scientist were able to change and heal DNA using sound. An example of sound healing in the main stream world is the use in hospitals of ultra sound waves for their patience to break up kidney stones. As Sonic Reiki Practitioners, we decided to do a little experiment to prove how sound affects the body. Using only intent and the sound of our voice we were able to communicate with white blood cells. Sound appears to be a universal language that communicate to all of who we are.

Sonic Reiki Celebrates 30 years of Service to the Buffalo Niagara

Linda Sylvester, Reiki Master Teacher, Sonic Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of Sonic Reiki

Linda Sylvester, R.M.T., S.R.M.T


Our goal is to help you to live up to your highest potential of wellness.

Over time, our physical traumas, emotions and belief systems create disharmony and stress within these organs. That is why we became ill. This new software program tells us which note or frequencies are either too low, too high, or missing within your voice.

How are these frequency imbalances corrected? By listening to soothing music! You are probably thinking this is too good to be true. Twenty years of science – based research says different.

It takes only 10 minutes of your time to have a voice print taken, either in person or over the phone. This voice print software program is just another tool within your tool box for healing. It is meant to compliment your allopathic care and Doctor’s advice.

Our goal is to give you a healing too that really works at a very reasonable price. Food for thought, “When you step out of your comfort zone, that is where miracles happen.” The thought of sound healing might be out of your comfort zone, ask yourself, is this exactly what you need?

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