Sonic Reiki saved my Life!

Tom’s liver, kidneys, and pancreas were shutting down.  Within six-month time, Tom went from looking like the picture on the left to looking like the picture on the right.  He accomplished this by cleansing his system, changing his diet, and using sound therapy.

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Welcome to Sonic Reiki

We offer a holistic approach to healing chronic illness. Sound therapy is noninvasive and can help relieve pain without taking pills. It can also increase immunity, lower blood pressure, raise oxygen levels, release stress and much more.

What is Sonic Reiki?       

Look around you. What do you see? Are you aware that everything you are looking at is vibrating? Including yourself! This means disease patterns such as cancer, diabetes, circulation issues, chronic fatigue, depression, anger, PTSD issues all have vibration. They are just vibrating out of tune. When you can understand this concept that everything has vibration, frequency, rhythm, and resonance the nature of the universe is revealed to you. Read more

Most of Our Clients Come to Us for:

Pain management

An alternative approach to Cancer, Diabetes, PTSD

Learning how to manifest their dreams

Self Esteem and Self Worth Issues

Help in letting go of Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Anger Issues

Spiritual guidance

It is my goal as a Metaphysical spiritual teacher to empower you by helping you access spiritual knowledge you already have within you and it is also my goal to help you access your gifts that you have mastered from other lifetimes.  I am honored to be of service.

Harmoniously yours,


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