What is Sonic Reiki? 

Sonic Reiki is one of a growing number of subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. 

Look around you. What do you see? Are you aware that everything you are looking at is vibrating? Including yourself! This means disease patterns such as cancer, diabetes, circulation issues, chronic fatigue, depression, anger, PTSD issues all have vibration. They are just vibrating out of tune. When you can understand this concept that everything has vibration, frequency, rhythm, and resonance the nature of the universe is revealed to you. 

Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form. For those of you who took chemistry in class, you probably remember learning all atoms are in constant state of motion. Hence, humans are vibrational beings made up of atoms that create a constantly changing form. Using conscious intention and various vibrations of sound one can reconfigure matter from one to another. The first concept of sound healing is: “Energy follows intent”. Sound energy is a type of wave motion that may be converted into electrical energy for transmission, and later be converted into healing energy on the receiving end. Once the healing sound transfers to the recipient, it allows the recipient to heal on all levels of being, all the way down to one’s molecular structure according to his or her intention through the universal law of vibration. Sonic Reiki can be a way of life and/or a glorious toolbox of sound techniques for fine turning your vibration to your own unique resonance for divine healing. 

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