When we become relaxed, we get stress relief, pain disappears and tissues heal quickly.

Here at Sonic Reiki, we integrate Reiki and Sonic Reiki pending on the client’s needs.

In a Sonic Reiki session, the power of sound healing goes to the very core of human consciousness. A Sonic Reiki Practitioner uses intent,protocol and his or her own voice to modulate brainwave patterns,affect sympathetic-parasympathetic balance and harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Sound Healing works well with balancing the mind, body and spirit, money issues, relationship issues,depression, pain, diabetes, inner child healing to name a few. It also balances and harmonizes your past, present and future self.

The private session can have a profound effect on the client. This is where the practitioner is very sensitive to how much work a client is able to assimilate during the session. Some clients can deal with several issues simultaneously while others need more time to process the experience. Sometimes it requires an extra session or two to completely address all the issues.

A session is usually about an hour in duration, from beginning to end.Some sessions are shorter in duration as the client becomes more attuned to the Sonic Reiki energy.

We offer a special 3 session package deal for new clients.

$222 for three sessions.