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Man Receiving Reiki TreatmentMany people benefit from private sessions. Here at Sonic Reiki, we integrate Reiki and Sonic Reiki pending on the client’s needs.  A Reiki session is a light hands-on or hands above the body process where a Reiki practitioner transfers universal life energy to the recipient.  Reiki energy has its own intelligence and it will go where ever it needs to go.  The client usually feels very calm and peaceful at the end of the session.  When we become relaxed we get stress relief and the pain disappears and tissues heal quickly.

Whereas, a Sonic Reiki practitioner begins a session by asking the client, “What is your intent for this session?” For example, the intent could be about a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, money or relationship issue.

One of the primary tools in a private session is muscle testing. It determines the completeness of the client's current status; it indicates the focus of intention; and it shows the practitioner where to begin. This is why it is important for a client to practice muscle testing or, at the least, understand how it works. For new clients, the practitioner will take the time to explain muscle testing briefly within the first session. The course of action could mean repairing, reprogramming the cellular memory, or releasing harmful energy patterns that keep the person from moving forward in life.

The client could feel hot or cold (briefly) during the session. A hot feeling means the client is having what we call an endocrine flush. This is a good sign. It means that the energy blocks that created the old hormonal patterns are releasing. A cold feeling could be felt if the client is releasing anger patterns. Anger energy is a hot energy and once the client releases it he or she most likely feels a definite change in temperature. Sometime the client will feel a tingling sensation. This means that the nerve endings are already starting to heal.

The private session can have a profound effect on the client. This is where the practitioner is very sensitive to how much work a client is able to assimilate during the session. Some clients can deal with several issues simultaneously while others need more time to process the experience. Sometimes it requires an extra session or two to completely address all the issues.

A session is usually about an hour in duration, from beginning to end. Some sessions are shorter in duration as the client becomes more attuned to the Sonic Reiki energy.

A Sonic Reiki session is different from a Reiki session with respect to the client's position throughout the treatment. Usually, during a Reiki session, the client lies on a massage table. In a Sonic Reiki session, the client sits comfortably in a chair.

During a Reiki or a Sonic Reiki session, the body, mind, spirit and emotions become balanced along with your past, present and future self.

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